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Pest Control Innovations

Sentricon Colony Elimination System      Hot Boxes For Bed Bugs      ActiveGUARD

Cryonite      Bed Bug Climb-Up Interceptors

Termite Control Always Active Sentricon System
Termite Colony Elimination System Always Active Recruit HD

Knockout Pest Control once again reaffirms its commitment to being on the cutting edge of pest control, by again being the first to introduce the latest Termite Control System from Dow AgroSciences – the ALWAYS ACTIVE SENTRICON SYSTEM with RECRUIT HD. This NEW system offers a more advanced baiting formula that starts working to eliminate a termite colony as soon as the very first termite visits an ALWAYS ACTIVE SENTRICON SYSTEM station. The NEW active ingredient, Recruit HD, is much more durable and can withstand the harsh outdoor environments, even the freezing winter months, so you can enjoy maximum termite protection all year round. And since Recruit HD contains the active ingredient, there is no need to swap out the wooden bait at the first signs of termite activity… RECRUIT HD starts working on eliminating termites immediately. Now home and business owners can enjoy the latest advancement in termite control.

More people prefer Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination Systems than any other brandTermite Baiting Station with Always Active Recruit HD Matrix – with over 2 million residential and commercial structures in the US, including the White House and the Statue of Liberty. Sentricon is yet one more service offered by Knockout Pest Control that demonstrates our commitment to protect people, pets, and be good stewards of the environment. And don’t forget AG SENTRICON SYSTEMS for above ground termite problems.

To learn more, click on the Sentricon Logo, or call us about UPGRADING an existing Sentricon System to the new ALWAYS ACTIVE SENTRICON TERMITE ELIMINATION SYSTEM with RECRUIT HD, or having a system installed for your residential or commercial property.

bed bug hot box - bed bug oven

The PACKTITE BED BUG HOT BOX -  An new approach to killing Bed Bugs in bedding,  clothes, shoes, books, toys, handbags, purses, luggage, or almost anything that can withstand 120 degrees for a period of time – the PACKTITE BED BUG HOT BOX.  Instead of the traditional packing of clothes in plastic bags and hauling them off to be treated by DRY CLEANING and having everything else treated chemically – the PACKTITE BED BUG HOT BOX is an innovative and simple way to kill Bed Bugs in all stages of life with heat.  The PACKTITE BED BUG HOT BOX is simple to pop-up and assemble.  Just place the suspected items into the PACKTITE BED BUG HOT BOX and turn it on.  After a period of maximum temperature the items inside are free from Bed Bug activity and items can be cleaned without consideration to Bed Bug activity.  The PACKTITE BED BUG HOT BOX is great for frequent travelers who can avoid future episodes of NEW Bed Bug re–infestation, by treating their luggage before reintroducing clothes and luggage into their homes.  Knockout Pest Control offers PACKTITE BED BUG HOT BOXES for rent and for sale.


ActiveGuard Kill Bed Bugs

ActiveGUARD is a new and highly effective tool in the battle against Bed Bugs and Dust Mites. Once only available in Europe, ActiveGUARD has now only recently approved and available in the US; and you can get ActiveGUARD from Knockout Pest Control, either as an adjunct part of our integrated Green Bed Bug Infestation Treatment – or – you can call us at 1–(800) 244–7378 ,[from anywhere in the continental US], and order ActiveGUARD with a credit card and it will promptly be delivered directly to you. Exactly what is ActiveGUARD? ActiveGUARD is NOT a mattress or box spring encasement. It is designed like a fitted sheet – (for a both mattress and a box spring) – and has been scientifically impregnated with “permthrin” that allows an even, consistent, miniscule dose application directly onto a mattress and box spring over an extended period of time providing long term protection and effectiveness. Kill Bed BugsOriginally created for children and adults suffering from asthma and atopic diseases, ActiveGUARD was quickly shown to be effective against dust mites and Bed Bugs, in both laboratory tests and in the field.

  • Long Lasting – kills bed bugs & dust mites
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • No Sweating
  • Completely Odorless
  • Easy to Use and Quick to Install
  • No Washing Required
  • Return on Pennies a Day Investment is “Peace of Mind & a Good Night’s Sleep”

[Knockout Pest Control suggests that if you have had a Bed Bug infestation problem that you take the additional secondary precautionary measure by also using a traditional Full Martress & Box Spring Encasement approach to literally “entomb” any possible bed bug, bed bug nits, or eggs within the encasement. Not only does this “double whammy” approach offer twice the effectiveness, but if you’ve ever had a Bed Bug infestation…the peace of mind double the protection gives is immeasurable. And people can finally get a good night’s sleep. However, If you’ve NEVER had Bed Bugs and want to be PRO–ACTIVE then just using the ActiveGUARD liners offer pro-active protection to keep your bed free from Bed Bugs. ActiveGUARD liners are available in 4 sizes – Single, Full, Queen, and King – and are great for use in homes, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, college dorms and anywhere there is a bed. ActiveGUARD makes a GREAT gift! To learn more about ActiveGUARD see our ActiveGUARD page on this website.]


CRYONITE – The revolutionary system that is an Apparatus and a Methodology that kills insects by freezing them with Carbon Dioxide Snow.  “The Tool of the Future”. 
A physical method of killing insects so there is
NO RESISTANCE BUILD UP.  Cryonite by its very nature is environmentally friendly and hygienic.  And since the Carbon Dioxide used is from residue taken from industrial processes – Cryonite adds no additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  And Cryonite is non–toxic and non–allergenic.  Cryonite is helping Knockout Pest Control revolutionize the Bed Bug control industry by killing Bed Bugs hiding in the deepest cracks and crevices, machines, electronic devices, with an extraordinary penetrating effect killing bugs instantly.  Although Cryonite is building its reputation on eliminating Bed Bugs, Knockout Pest Control is experiencing good results with other pest insects, especially when the use of traditional chemical control methods are not ideal.  The use of Cryonite is another state–of–the–art Green approach to effective Pest Control methods Knockout Pest Control employs a maximum success rate with the least impact on people, pets, and the environment.

Bed Bug Inseptors

Bed Bug Interceptor Seen here holding the leg of a Bed

Bed Bug Inceptors are a professional and more effective reinvention of an old idea. People once used glass and metal bowls to place under the legs of beds and fill them with water in the hopes of capturing Bed Bugs hiding in a room during the day and trying to climb into beds at night to feed. These homemade devises had some credibility, but glass would break and water wasn’t the best of bed bug barriers, and alcohol moats quickly evaporated. Then sometimes the bowls people used had outer surfaces that were too slippery for bed bugs to climb up to trap them, so the bed bugs simply sought out alternate routes to a bed, like dropping in off a wall or look for other easier accessible places to feast…like an upholstered chair or sofa. So keeping this concept in mind, the Climb–Up Bed Bug Interceptor was invented. This simple device is placed under all the legs of a bed; it has multiple capture wells, keeps the bed bugs contained within the wells using an extremely thin layer of talcum powder; and its outer edge is covered by a rough piece of tape – that entomologists say ‘the texture of which is the bed bug’s favorite surface to climb’. And these Interceptors are quick and simple to put into place, easy to check for activity, simple to maintain (if any maintenance is even needed), and it isn’t obviously noticeable when in place (basically looking like a protective rug or floor coaster). And best of all, besides being an inexpensive item…it is yet another tool in the arsenal in the battle against Bed Bugs. Knockout Pest Control at times uses these devices as part of a Bed Bug treatment program AND also offers these devices for retail sale. If you are interested in purchasing these Bed Bug Interceptors – please call 1–800–244–7378. We can take you order via major credit card and will ship them anywhere in the US. Knockout Pest Control may also offer special rates on wholesale commercial use, ie: hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Call for more information.

[An important note – this Bed Bug Inceptor is more of a bed bug activity monitoring device than preventing Bed Bugs. This device can help keep Bed Bugs from climbing into a bed or furniture with legs, but it is not affective in dealing with an infestation problem already within a bed or furniture. It is always important to follow the instructions keeping bed covering off of the floor and beds away from the walls. And always, always call a Professional Pest Control/Bed Bug Treatment Company if you think you may have a Bed Bug problem. Only a professional can evaluate your situation, determine the extent of the problem – if any, and treat the infestation quickly, thoroughly, and not negatively impact people, pets, or the environment. ]

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