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Stink Bug Infestations and Stink Bug Problems

The “Stink Bug”, the brown variety, is a relatively new pest insect to the New York area. As many pests, it was “accidentally” introduced to the American continent back in the late 1990’s, in Eastern Pennsylvania. The Stink Bug, (Halyomorphia Halys), is a pest from Asia. It is a serious pest to fruit trees, vegetables, and farm crops. Stink bugs are approximately ½ inch to one inch long and have a brown shield shape, fly, and deep red eyes. The name “Stink Bug” refers to the scent glands located on the dorsal side of the insect’s abdomen and underside of the thorax. When crushed, Stick Bugs, emit an unpleasant odor. Stink bugs are rapidly becoming a nuisance insect in the New York area, especially in the outlying areas of NYC, and are more prevalent on Long Island, in Westchester, Bergen and Rockland counties. Stink bugs enter a home, apartment, building via exhaust vents, chimneys, and around door and window trim.

Many people are attempting to address the Stink Bug infestation themselves with DIY measures, but are finding them a difficult pest to rid themselves of and that over the counter insecticides relatively ineffective. Manual removal is most effective for small infestation problems within a structure, as well as a careful evaluation of the areas that Stink Bugs are entering a structure. A Knockout Pest Control tech is familiar with the areas that Stink Bugs enter a building and assist with the sealing off of these entry points and remove areas of congregation via manual means, including vacuuming. A Knockout Pest Control tech also has the license and expert knowledge of what, when, and where to use “controlled” pesticides to assure optimum effectiveness. Although Stink bugs themselves do not cause structural damage to a building, and are not known to cause any threat to human health, [A STINK BUG UPDATE: the National Pest Management Association Inc. International reports that: "A few common species of stink bugs are predatory and use their mouthparts to drain fluids from caterpillars and other pest insects". There is also anecdotal evidence that stink bugs have bitten people when the insect is aggitated. It is said that the bites are painful.] or are they known to reproduce indoors, they are a recurrent pest. It is advisable to contact Knockout Pest Control at first signs of a Stink Bug problem and to get on top of the problem with a KO-12 year round program to not only address a Stink Bug Problem but a wide variety of insect and rodent pests that can invade a home or place of business. So ask about our KOP-12 program to get protection throughout the year.

Knockout Pest Control Can Knock Out Your Stink Bug Problem
If you find yourself with stink bug problem, call us to knock them out and keep them out. We have deep knowledge of our region’s most common pests and we have the equipment and expertise to put them down for the count. We serve all of Long Island, New York City, Westchester, Bergen and Rockland Counties. Call 1-800-244-PEST or 1-800-244-7378 for fast, 24 hour service seven days a week.

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